Saturday, May 16, 2009

Alex Nino's Dead Ahead, Full Speed Ahead

Alex Nino's long-delayed Dead Ahead 2nd issue is finally out after what seems like an eternity. As comics series go, usually they're published around every week or at the most every other week. Two months or more has passed and still no second issue of what was suppose to be a 3-issue series. Well, finally, the 2nd issue is now out and what's more Nino has finished much of the artwork for the 3rd and final issue. Also, the creative group, including Nino, responsible for this comics is now out on a promotional tour, one of which was San Francisco and then in Los Angeles at the LA Times Book Festival at UCLA. Coming up May 29, 30 & 31 is the Monster Palooza at the Burbank Convention Center by the Bob Hope Airport, with Alex Nino himself appearing in person. Here's the poster for Monster Palooza if you're in Los Angeles and interested in meeting Alex Nino and other artists listed below. And images of the current 2nd issue and another one from the upcoming 3rd and final issue.Cover for issue 3