Monday, March 9, 2009

The DC Comics Pinoy Artists: Francis Manapul and Philip Tan

So far we've only featured Marvel Comics Pinoy artists.
Here are two Pinoy artists from DC comics.

Francis Manapul and Philip Tan could not be farther apart, both in illustrative style and in physical distance. Manapul works out of Toronto, Canada, and Tan is in Los Angeles, California. Manapul's work display a Manga-infused style, possibly an early career influence, Tan shows a more realistic tendency as in the cover work shown here. They share a common bond - both are Philippine-born, and both currently work for DC Comics.

Francis Manapul is described as "a rising star artist" in the latest DC Comics Previews Magazine. Just like his Pinoy contemporaries at Marvel Comics, the artist draws just as many Super-Heroes, if not more. He is the artist for DC's Legion of Super Heroes and draws Star Boy, Saturn Girl, Timber Wolf, Invisible Kid, Ultra Boy and others. His next challenge, at which he is busy right now as of this writing, is drawing DC's premiere Super-Heroes, Batman and Superman.

Philip Tan, at 17 years of age, was the youngest in Whilce Portacio's school for comics in the Philippines, and as such, his then still latent talents were overshadowed by his colleagues. He worked hard at his craft though, and with sheer guts and grim determination, went to the United States to be that much closer to pursue his dream of working for the big two: Marvel or DC Comics. After a few years honing his talents in smaller publications, he has finally achieved his dream job - working for DC Comics. He is the artist for DC's Final Crisis - Revelations.

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